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Way Down the Old Plank Road

Here is some old time music for a Sunday morning. Do you know Way Down the Old Plank Road? Uncle Dave Macon’s 1926 recording stayed in our collective folky consciousness thanks to the eccentric experiemental filmmaker Harry Smith, who put together a 6 album collection of American folk music in 1952. Released by Folkways Records, it was called The Anthology of American Folk Music, although today many people just call it the Harry Smith Anthology. This anthology was tremendously influential and became source material for aspiring folkies everywhere.

Way Down the Old Plank Road appeared on Volume 3 Songs (Blue Singing). Uncle Dave did a great job on this tune. I don’t know if he was responsible for writing this one or if it was an old tune even in his day.

The Whiskey Bent Valley Boys describe their music as “hard driving traditional tunes that’ll tickle your innards”. They are featured on numerous videos on the YouTube machine, and I really like their treatment of this tune and numerous others. I hope you like this one as much as I do.

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