1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Great show, great evening. Loved it.
    It is weird a bit how a show like this can even happen. Bruce Molsky mostly plays what we call Old Time Music and many of the tunes he performs date back to the late 1800’s. Yet perversely if it wasnt for modern technology hardly anybody would know who many of these performers were. I discovered Molsky via the internet. Youtube videos. Forum discussions of his playing. That sort of thing. Even Molsky flat out said that much of last night’s audience happened because of social media buzz around Toronto. Forty years ago nobody in Toronto would have much knowledge of old time music in the American Appalachians but today we can know who the best performers are, we have sampled their work over the internet, and we know about that one night performance that is coming soon. Im always amazed at how that works these days.

    • You’re right Salvelinas (I try to to say that too often). YouTube has seriously upped access to this kind of music, and actually all kinds of music outside the mainstream. It’s opened things right up. Everything is available and instantly. Here in Toronto I’m discovering there is a serious old time network.

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