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Walking in the Parlor

I learned the tune Walking in the Parlor last week at the banjo workshop I attended, led by Bruce Molskey. I like this deceptively simple, hypnotic tune a lot and I’ve been playing it quite a bit since the workshop, trying to get it right. Here are a few versions of Walking in the Parlor I found on the YouTube.

Let’s start with Dwight Diller. This tune likely comes from the Hammons family, and Diller learned from them.

Here is Steve Jeter, doing a great version on a gourd banjo…

Now check out this 1927 version played on a Jew’s harp by Obed “Dad” Pickard


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    One of my favorite performances of this tune was done by Mark Koranda. He has that foot tapping groove thing happening even on a simple tune like this.

  2. That is a pretty little tune. I particularly like the idyllic setting, under a big old tree, of the first video.

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