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Star of Logy Bay

Back when I was playing a lot of button accordion, and hadn’t yet fallen hard for clawhammer banjo, I did a little busking in places like Kensington and St. Lawrence Markets. I played a hodgepodge of material, squeezebox music from various countries. I think the tune I got the best or the most response to was a little waltz from Newfoundland called The Star of Logy Bay. Just about anytime I played it somebody or another would come up to me and say, thank you this song reminds me of back home.

Back in 2007, my pal Candy Minx shot some video in Kensington Market that included me busking near the clothing store Tom’s Place. Some regular visitors will have seen this a few years ago, but I know there are a lots of visitors who did not know I was an accordion freak prior to becoming a banjo freak. Here’s a blast from the past: The Star of Logy Bay. I’m playing a triple row Hohner Corona II squeezebox.

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