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Sunday was Grooming Day – for Memphis

IMG_4448With her surgeries this summer, it’s been some time since Memphis had a good full grooming. She seems to be pretty much recovered at this point, so off we went to see the fabulous Lorraine at Peticure. Memphis had a nice soapy bath and a blow dry (which seems to help release the undercoat and matted fur). Lorraine stripped out the old undercoat, and removed some nasty dreads Memphis was nurturing on her underside. The fur around Memphis’ paws was longish and scruffy, making her look rag-a-muffin, but now that’s all been trimmed up. You can see in the photo Memphis left behind a lot of fur along the way.

Memphis used to dislike being groomed. For some time, Lorraine had a grooming truck, and she used to bring it by the house. Memphis was not amused by the grooming truck. She wouldn’t take treats from Lorraine and often tried to avoid getting in the truck. Six years in, she is much more accepting of the whole business. These days, Lorraine has a nice little store-front operation on Davenport near Oakwood.

Yesterday, Memphis got into the tub without a fuss, and she even took some treats from Lorraine and offered up a few doggy-kisses during her grooming. I think she kind of enjoys the attention these days. Lorraine does a fantastic job on our Newfs, and Memphis left looking fabulous!


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