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The Twenty Seventh Street Podcast – Episode 5: foraging for wild mushrooms

Episode 5 of the Twenty Seventh Street podcast is now available here and at iTunes.

Episode Notes:

Host: that’s me, Eugene Knapik
Music: I played the music for this podcast on my Bart Reiter banjo. The intro is the first part of Sandy River Belle, which I played in Sandy River Belle tuning. The outro is Julianna Johnson, which I played in DD (that’s double C tuning, capo at the second fret to play in the key of D)

Episode 5 is all about foraging for wild mushrooms. Warning: be very careful about eating any mushroom you find outside of a grocery store. There are deadly mushrooms in Ontario, and others that will make you wish you were dead. Be careful and don’t guess.

Here are some links to further information about some of the mushrooms mentioned on this podcast:

Aspen oysters
Lobster Mushrooms
Scaber Stalks
Chicken of the Woods
Honey Mushrooms

If you have comments or questions about this podcast, if you have suggestions, if you think you should be a guest on a future episode, please leave me a comment or email me – my name dot my other name @


  1. Susan

    I loved that video Sal! I am taken aback at the amount of mushrooms on that log and underneath the bark. I have never seen so many mushrooms in one place. I guess you really have to know what you’re looking for and be familiar with the places where they grow.

    *Good advice from Eugene, don’t pick mushrooms if you don’t know what you’re doing, they could be poisonous!

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