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Nick’s Place

Nick's placeThis is a scan of a small photo-collage I made this afternoon, which I call Nick’s Place. It’s made up of parts of photos taken at two different trout streams. The mossy landscape parts and the single tree come from the canyon stretch of a beautiful brook trout stream in Ontario, one which is tricky to access, and equally tricky to fly fish. The other parts of the collage come from photos I took of a well-known brook trout stream in the United States.

It’s impromptu contest time here at 27th Street. If you can tell me the name of the American stream – and the nearest town – by midnight tonight – I’ll send you the original collage. East Texas Red is disqualified. Richard Strom can decide if he needs to disqualify himself. Clue: it’s west of the obvious guess. No, I won’t tell you what state it’s in.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    awww man that was too easy. Anybody can plainly see it is the Fox River, mainly because there is a sign nailed to a tree that is quite visible if you zoom in a bit.

    • The big clue was “Nick’s Place”, obviously referring to Big Ernie’s story, The Big Two-Hearted River. Fly fishermen familiar with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan or with Big Ernie will know that in 1919 he took a train to Seney and he fished The Fox, not the Big Two-Hearted. Of course The Big Two-Hearted River is a much better title. The Big Two-Hearted is east and north of The Fox. It is a pretty good trout stream as well, but many parts of it are difficult to wade and there are a lot of tag alders and in short it’s damned hard to fish. It opens up nearer the mouth and there it is a good stream for migrating rainbows. The winner has both a literary and fly fishing background.

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