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Cliff spring

I fly fished a stretch of Timber Coulee in the Driftless which had a cliff along the far shore. One spot featured this spring emerging from the cliff. You can see the water dripping into the stream in the photo below.

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Nick’s Place

This is a scan of a small photo-collage I made this afternoon, which I call Nick’s Place. It’s made up of parts of photos taken at two different trout streams. The mossy landscape parts and the single tree come from the canyon stretch of a… Read More

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I’ve been drawn to rivers since that day as a young boy my father gave me my own spinning outfit and took me to a little creek where I caught my first trout. I find it hard to pass a river without stopping to check… Read More

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West Fork Gals

West Fork Gals is a great old time tune. I was listening to it today and wondered about the West Fork. I have no doubt that some fine gals live along its banks. The name must refer to the West Fork River in North Central… Read More

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I grew up in a fishing family. I would like to say that I can’t remember not fishing but it wouldn’t quite be true. I do remember my father giving me my first rod and reel. I remember the reel was a blue spinning reel… Read More

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Chuck’s Sticks

With Memphis in the back seat, this morning I drove to Guelph to visit my friend Chuck. We used to work together until he retired a couple years ago. Now Chuck is in the walking stick business. He fashions sticks he finds along the Eramosa… Read More