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Carry-on (a small rant)

I’ve been on planes twice in the past couple days. Both times, I watched many people each carrying two stuffed-full bags, neither of which was close to small enough to meet the carry-on limits, waltz onto the plane without anybody from the airline saying, hey we don’t have enough room for all your stuff – you’ll have to check it.

Fine – except that by the time I got to my row – both flights – the overheads were jam-packed and I had to shove my meager little overnight bag and overcoat under the seat in front of me.

Then the airline had the nerve to make an announcement asking for volunteers to check bags because they were out of room in the overheads. This, I confess, made me grumpy. (Add to that the total lack of snacks outside the overpriced sandwiches – not even a mini-bag of pretzels).



  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    How can sandwiches be overpriced when you are going to expense them?

    • When I travel for my employer, I’m very cost-conscious on my company’s behalf, and when I have choices, I try to get the best value I can.

  2. It makes me crazy too! You knew it had to happen when airlines started charging for all checked bags. They should have been charging for carryon instead.

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