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The Big Short

It seems like the film most people are off to see these days is Star Wars. For whatever reasons, I just don’t have much interest at all in seeing that movie, so you’re not going to see it reviewed here. Instead, we went to see The Big Short this afternoon. It’s based on the book, The Big Short – inside the Doomsday Machine, by Michael Lewis, all about the financial collapse of 2008.

The film follows some of the people who created the credit default swap market – basically betting against the American banking system. It’s fascinating, darkly funny and damn scary too. As well, you don’t need to be a banker or a fund trader to understand what it’s all about. They have cameos by people like Anthony Bourdain (talking 3-day old halibut), and Margot Robbie explaining sub-prime loans while enjoying a bubble-bath. Even Selena Gomez has a fun cameo.

There is a gaggle of Hollywood heavy-hitters in this film, including Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Brad Pitt, and Ryan Gosling. You might think all those egos in one film would equal a big mess, but this movie is a smart, entertaining, clever, and darkly funny take on a dry and dense subject, a film that is sure to get you shaking your fist at the financial community and the arrogant traders who profit at the expense of the little guy.


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