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John Stensen’s #2

I’ve been learning the tune John Stensen’s #2 on clawhammer banjo. I’ve seen it spelled Stensen’s, Stenson’s, Stinsen’s, Stinson’s and even Stentson’s. I couldn’t tell you who John Stensen (sp) is or was, though. The most inspired versions of this tune, come (in my opinion at least) from Cathy Barton and Dave Para.

This video is from the Midwest Banjo Camp 2014’s faculty concerts. I was there, and heard this live. Cathy and Dave first play Shirley’s Reel then morph it into John Stensen’s #2. I think this is old time music at its finest. I could listen to these two all day.

I’m planning to attend MBC again in 2016, and I’m really looking forward to more banjo classes with Cathy Barton, who is among my fave banjo players.

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