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OK it was funny the first couple times…

I’m happy that I can now buy beer along with groceries at my local Loblaws. For those not from here, Ontario is very provincial when it comes to alcohol, and the idea of beer in grocery stores have just been made a reality. I do more of my shopping at the local No Frills as it’s much less expensive but I sometimes go to Loblaws for the more expansive range of products, and I do sometimes buy a few craft brews while I’m there.

At Loblaws they card everybody. Everybody. Can I see some government-issued photo-ID please? Flattery will get you everywhere, I say. I try to be in good humour about this. I understand Loblaws doesn’t want to blow the mission at the beginning of grocery store beer sales by inadvertently selling to minors, and I understand they like to simplify their processes rather than rely on their staff to make a lot of judgements. But c’mon people. I’m 55. It’s true some people say I look young for my age….but they mean 50 or 45. Not 17. I think it’s time to give the staff at the grocery store a bit of responsibility. Say, card everybody who looks under 30. I’m OK with that.


  1. Miss Polly

    I was at the BlahBlah’s buying some things last night and I overheard the cashier ask what had to have been a 65 year old man for ID for beer. Mr Weston should re-visit this policy, it’s just silly. On another note maybe just as silly as their loyalty club. Who wants to load the offers to get the points?

  2. Obviously, you look closer to 30 than 55!
    Do they actually sell alcohol in the grocery store itself. In Alberta, some grocery stores have stand alone liquor stores in a separate building, but never within the store itself.

    • They recently started selling beer and even more recently in selected Loblaws stores. They have a limited by good selection of beer with an emphasis on small breweries. They have “beer lanes” at checkout so if you’re buying beer, you can’t just choose any cashier. This is because only select cashiers are specially trained to ask everyone for ID.

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