1. Miss Polly

    So cute. The partners at 27th street look like they have an amazing life.

    For people new to this blog (and enjoying it vey much I might add) you may wish to consider summarizing all the partners at 27th street and their respective names and nick-names and how you landed on each. I bet there is a great story in those details and not being much of an archivist I haven’t gone back far enough to paint the picture myself…

    • When we talk about the partners, we’re referring to the dogs. That’s the way dogs are. That isn’t to say we don’t love the cats just as much. We do, but the cats are our lions, and the dogs are the partners. I think I somehow picked up the name “the partners” from an Ian Tyson song about quarter-horses. https://youtu.be/jhB85epleM4

      Memphis was the first Newf and our first dog. I had dogs growing up but Tuffy P didn’t. When she was a pup, Memphis had some separation anxiety. If we were gone too long, she would do things like destroy a few CDs. We decided to get her a canine companion. The same kennel we got Memphis from had an older dog we had met before named Ellie Mae. Ellie was a high character dog. She was a black Newf with a white blaze on her chest. She was a big girl too, over 160 lbs at one point. The two of them were quite a pair or rock stars.

      Ellie Mae passed on when she was close to 10 years old. We decided the best thing to do would be to get another companion for Memphis as soon as possible. We picked up 5-month old Georgie the day before that big ice storm a couple winters ago. George is a big boy, about the same size Ellie Mae was, and he shares her shorter, stocky stature as well. Memphis has a different body shape, and is taller and less round.

      At 7, Memphis isn’t as spry as she used to be. She had two surgeries in 2015 on her back knees (cruciate ligaments). She’s recovered pretty well, but is slow going up stairs. Still, in a wrassling match, she can still put George on his back every time.

      The Newfs are wonderful dogs. When people see them they say things like:
      Do they shed? (yes, is the Pope Catholic?)
      Do they drool? (Ellie Mae could fling drool across the room and have it land on the wall at the 6 foot level….if allowed to dry it would get cement hard)
      Oh my, they must eat a lot (yes but not as much as you might think)
      You must have a big house (mid-sized, but they aren’t as active as some much smaller dogs, so no big deal)
      Do they like swimming? (yep, and they even have webbed feet).
      And then….I’ve never seen a black and white one….or I’ve never seen a brown one….or, are they St. Bernards?

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