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Lost in Tileland

The bathroom in our home is in serious need of a face-lift, something we’re finally getting around to. In preparation for this adventure, we trundled out this morning to look at bathroom tiles. We started by looking in a couple box stores. Based on what we say, all their customers buy taupe, beige, tan, brown, and white tiles. That’s it. We asked the box store guy, don’t people use colours? We sir, 80% of our customers like beige, so that’s what we stock. OK. Off to a tile specialty store. Make that 2 tile specialty stores.

We quickly found some really lovely tile, unique, way more interesting than the rest. It turns out this material was 10X more expensive than anything else in the store. Oh, and we would have to order it from New Jersy or from California and it could take some time. Right.

At least we got an idea of what is out there, learned what is and isn’t realistic, and narrowed down our choices some. Unfortunately, we’ll have to venture back into the tile store one more time.

The dizzying array of choices for a simple bathroom reno made me think that renovating an entire house must be a mind-boggling experience. Fortunately we don’t need to do that. The bathroom will be this year’s interior project.


  1. Miss Polly

    I think given the nature of the room and generally the size in most homes it would stand to reason that a calm neutral tile might suffice… Lol … But I am pretty boring that way. I am surprised with all the mosaics made that you wouldn’t know exactly what you want and have no need to trundle out to browse! Lol

    • I suppose we could have smashed up some broken crockery and went to town, but for a bathroom, something easier to clean is maybe the better approach.

  2. I hear ya, brother! Having done substantial renos last year, I can confirm that far too many shopping trips were made. Just wait till you have to choose lighting!
    Fortunately, online browsing helps to cut down on some of the scouting expeditions.

  3. Joe Knapik

    Taupe is nice. Everybody likes taupe tiles. And they are sorta neutral so you can paint the walls any color you want. And if you get tired of the color paint you chose, no problem. You will be retired so you can just repaint a different color next year and the taupe tiles will probably still be ok.

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