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Friday. Less than a month left in the work-a-day world. That’s a really strange feeling. I won’t miss the work, but I know I’ll miss some of the people I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve worked with some wonderful, creative, crazy-assed, dedicated, brilliant, hilarious people (you know who you are…..and some of the other kind too – you have no idea who you are). That’s been the case every time I’ve reinvented myself at work, changing roles like some kind of postal chameleon every few years, stumbling with no plan from one gig to another.

Something happened this afternoon which caused me to think of the old days back when I was a part time postal clerk. One of the first people I met when I started back in 1986 now works a couple offices over from me. How serendipitous is that? We were both part time clerks in Mississauga and I remember she trained me on some job or other. I’m sure neither of us ever imagined we’d be doing the gigs we’re doing today or that we’d end up as office neighbours so many years later. This old friend is going on vacation after today and wasn’t sure if she’d see me, so she brought me a card and some daisies this afternoon. While I’ve been actively avoiding like the plague any kind of ceremony around my impending departure, I confess I was touched by my old friend’s thoughtful gesture.

Here’s Johnny Cash covering Shel Silverstein….



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