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Clive D’Oliveira RIP

Clive D’Oliveira passed away early this morning, from cancer. He was just shy of his 64th birthday. Clive was a rigorous and thoughtful painter and an old friend we’ve known for many years. I think we met him back in the day because we had… Read More

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Old Friends + vermicelli

We trundled off to yumart today as our old friend Claude Breeze’s exhibition TOYBOX was opening up. We’ve known Claude since about 1980 or 1981, when we were among his painting students at York University. Somehow or another, after we graduated from York we remained… Read More

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Friday. Less than a month left in the work-a-day world. That’s a really strange feeling. I won’t miss the work, but I know I’ll miss some of the people I’ve worked with over the years. I’ve worked with some wonderful, creative, crazy-assed, dedicated, brilliant, hilarious… Read More

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Brook Trout Water

  It’s been some time since I’ve walked this stretch of river. I walked the tracks down to where the they meet the river at a long riffle and flat and worked my way all the way back. Parts of the stream are exactly as… Read More