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Studio Clean-up

One way I know I’ve completed a series of paintings and I’m ready to move on to a new set is that I start thinking about doing a studio clean-up and re-organization. This is that time. I have a small studio in the basement of our house. When I was a young painter I thought I needed a big warehouse studio, and in fact I had an excellent live-work space for several years. Curiously enough, except for those occasions when I painted very large, I mostly used one corner of the space for my actual painting. Then for several years I painted in what I called my secret lab, a 12X12 foot shed behind our old house on Blackthorn Ave. It had a baseboard heater and it had lights, but it did not have running water. Still, it was fine.

My basement studio is fine too, but the thing about working in a small space is it benefits greatly from a little bit of organization and tidiness. My studio is a big mess. It is not so spectacular in that regard as for instance, Frances Bacon’s studio was, but his was extra-special. Today I’m going through all the junk in there, getting rid of un-needed crap I’ve been hanging on to, reorganizing a bit, and generally getting ready for another bout of painting.

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