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A Garden Feature


This garden feature began as a toy crane and an oxen yolk. Later we added the toy boat, and this morning I did some mosaic work on it. I suppose some people might call this a sculpture, but since I don’t make sculpture, I’m calling it a garden feature.


  1. Miss Polly

    I love the authenticity of the rusted metal toy. When I was very young my still younger brother hit me with a metal dump trunk and I have a small scar to prove it. Of course it’s my mother not my brother who feels guilty about this. All told I think it’s a miracle there weren’t more such injuries. Love the non-sculpture garden feature ! (Ps I hope authentic is not one of these words you previously blogged about lol)

    • The crane and the boat and the oxen yolk all came from a place called Nice Old Stuff in Jarvis Ontario. You never know what you might find there. We go from time to time looking for interesting items we can repurpose for the garden. When we came home with that stuff, we really had no idea what we were going to do with it. I planted the yolk with the help of some quick-set cement, and then Tuffy P came along and balanced the crane on top. I figured out a way to make that arrangement more permanent. The boat was in another area of the garden, and when I changed around, it freed up the boat to join the crane. Both are toys related to working, and of course the yolk is all about working too, so I guess the theme of the piece is related to work. I’ve been thinking about applying mosaic for some time to further transform the yolk, and I was out in the yard early this morning working on it. I used 4 pounds of smalti tiles, and only had enough for 2 sides. The other 2 sides will likely be completely different colours and we’ll get around to that later. Most of the things in the yard are works in progress, and that goes for the new paths too. I still have enough gravel to extend the patch some, but my back said maybe it was time to leave it be for a while.

      I like using the toys in the garden. Gardening is like play in a way, at least the way I look at it. This morning, Tuffy P sent me out in search of camo-netting. I’m not sure what exactly she has in mind for that. I was able to source some Canadian Army camo nets – 2 at 10X10 and one monster 10X20.

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