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Happy Canada Day

For my Canadian friends a question….what did you do this Canada Day? We took a drive to our fave emporium of the unexpected, Nice Old Stuff, in Jarvis Ontario, and came back with a carload of imagination.


This garden gate had a flat top…until today. Whatever this architectural element was, it fit on top just nicely and with a few screws it is very secure. Eventually, the English Ivy will hopefully grow up to the top.


Don’t forget to laugh….


Take a ride on the Peace Train


To complete the Canada Day happiness, we’ve ordered some take-out from Feast of Dilli. I’ll be picking it up at 5:00. Yum!



  1. Miss Polly

    The funniest one to me came to me in my late teens. I originally thought The Beatles Paperback Writer was “take the back riser” … Whatever that was suppose to mean.
    PS love the succulents in the tea pot! Did you get that tea pot at that treasure spot? Hope the Feast of Dilli was awesome. Sounds like a great Canada Day all around.

  2. Miss Polly

    I have been singing Cat Stevens for days and decided to google the actual lyrics. So wait for it… Where I have been singing “old or young what will you leave us this time” it is actually “oh very young”. I cannot stop laughing at myself. Your “take a ride on the peace train” made me giggle even more at myself. I am such a nerd. Looks like a great day!

    • How about “there’s a bad moon on the rise” morphed into “there’s a bathroom on the right” or Jimi’s “scuse me while I kiss the sky” into “scuse me while I kiss this guy”.

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