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Train People

Sometimes nothing will do but I have to listen to train songs. I hope you understand.

Railroad Bill. They don’t name people after trains much these days. Here’s Hobart Smith.

A brakeman double-tough…

Here’s the late U. Utah Phillips, Golden Voice of the Great Southwest. This song makes me think of my dad who grew up in a family business making gloves for railwaymen in the West Toronto Junction.

Here’s, here’s a tune I’ve posted before. It deserves a lot of play, though. It’s Rosalie Sorrels covering her friend Utah’s wonderful Starlight on the Rails. This song sends shivers down my spine. A defining performance of a truly great song.

Mr. Fireman won’t you listen to me, I got a pretty mama down in Tennessee, keep movin’ me on….. When Mr. Snow said they were trying out this new song, I wonder if he realized he had one of the all-time great country songs. I’ll bet Hank and the Boys knew full well it was one of great ones the first time they rehearsed it.


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