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The Generous Forest


Hydnum umbilicatum – a hedgehog mushroom

The Newfs jumped into the car and we drove up to the Enchanted Mushroom Forest this morning. After a dry summer with few mushrooms, the forests have been generous in recent weeks.

The particular forest we headed for is an easy drive from the city, and produces reliably when we’ve had plenty of rain. There are a couple specific spots that fruit both varieties of hedgehog mushrooms, Hydnum repandum and Hydnum umbilicatum. They both have teeth, rather than gills or pores under the cap. Today I found a few Hydnum umbilicatum, so named because the top of the cap appears to sport a belly-button shaped dimple. In this forest the umbilicatum also have a more orangy-tan colour on top of the cap, compared to the repandum.



I also found quite a few Hypomyces lactifluorum – lobster mushrooms. Both these mushrooms are excellent edibles.

There were plenty of other mushrooms around. I saw some Amanitas and some others I could not identify. There were also lots of that weird fungi, Entoloma abortivum, known commonly as abortive entoloma. I didn’t see their usual companion though, the honey mushroom.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Lots of folks eat abortive entoloma but I am not one of them. While it is generally considered that the abortive entoloma is safe, I have a lot of doubts about my ability to correctly identify the thing. While a honey mushroom that has been parasited by the entoloma is probably safe it has been recently discovered that the entoloma will also parasite at least one species of Tricholoma resulting in a white blob that looks pretty much just like an abortive entoloma but a bit bigger. That is disturbing because most Tricholoma have made it to the do not eat list and who knows, there may be other mushrooms which that entoloma can attack. While the abortive entoloma might be tasty I dont feel the need to start messing with it when the woods are full of other tasty safe edibles.

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