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The Accountant (a brief movie review)

We trundled off to see The Accountant last evening, the new flick with Ben Affleck. This is a fun movie as long as you don’t take it too seriously. Instead, think of it as a comedy. That way you don’t have to struggle suspending your disbelief around the very unlikely plot.

The Accountant is like one of those superhero comic movies, only the protagonist is really really good at math – as well as being a martial arts expert and an ace shot. Oh, and he owns a Renoir and a Pollock. I like movies with characters who appreciate painting, don’t you?

I suspect this film is funnier than the writer, director and producers intended, but don’t worry about that. Just go see it and enjoy.



  1. I gather the protagonist is meant to be a high functioning autistic, and as such, real live autistic people think the whole film is an insulting crock. Which may not make it any less fun, but I have a soft spot for people on the spectrum — I’m pretty sure that my late and ex husband (chess master, walking music catalogue) was on the Asperger’s edge of that tribe, and that my high school ex and the local protest candidate I worked for were also included. Not remotely in the category, I share various susceptibilities like an intolerance of too much sensory information input, such that these are people I naturally bond with. BTW they say all cats have Asperger’s. Bets that Ben Affleck couldn’t play a cat.

    • Yep that’s right Sled.
      I met a young boy a few years ago, who (I learned after the session) had Asperger’s. I was playing button accordion for kids in a daycare, and getting the kids to play various percussion instruments. I brought along my gut-bucket bass and showed the kids how it worked and asked if anyone wanted to try it. This one kid wanted to play it in the worst way, so I invited him to come up and try and I showed him how to stand and hold the instrument, then I started playing my squeezebox. This kid just started playing the gut-bucket like he had been doing it for years, totally relaxed, immersed in the music. Then he started playing little embellishments and runs. It was a remarkable, beautiful moment.

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