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Grooming Day

Newfs need occasional deep grooming. I don’t mean your basic brushing. I mean they need a thorough bath to start, then all the loose underfur along with accumulated mats get stripped out. Fur around the paws gets trimmed and nails get cut.



Memphis with Lorraine – Memphis just got out of the tub

We’re really fortunate to have an exceptional groomer, Lorraine Wilson, whose business is Peticure Paws. She’s in the Dufferin and Dupont area. When Lorraine started grooming our Newfs, she had a grooming truck, a somewhat funky self-contained grooming van, which had tanks, tubs, a hydraulic table and all her tools, and she would come to the house. These days we go to her, and even though it’s a bit of a trek into the city, we wouldn’t let anyone else groom our Newfs.


This is Lorraine’s dog Pele. She’s wonderful

It’s a big job to groom 2 Newfs – it can be 6 hours or even longer to get them done.


George in the tub getting lathered up

They’re like different dogs after grooming, super-clean with all the loose underfur ancient history.


Our girl Memphis, almost done

Memphis likes getting groomed these days and is very well behaved. Young George gets a bit impatient and wants the whole business to be over with. Grooming is mentally exhausting for both of them, and when they get home, they pass out quickly.


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