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First Adventures

We hadn’t exactly planned to get a pup yesterday, but we had planned having friends over for dinner. It was quite an afternoon and evening, dealing with a new pup, making dinner and entertaining. At some point yesterday I realized I had a full blown cold, and by the end of the evening I was pretty much exhausted.

Ruby was unimpressed with the idea of going into her crate last night, and once she was in there and we went off to bed, she showed us all the different whines, grunts, barks and howls in her young repertoire. George, who is not allowed upstairs where there bedrooms are, came up anyway to tell us there was something very wrong. I sent him back downstairs and after 20 minutes or so, Ruby quieted down and everybody was able to sleep.

I awoke at 3:00 AM from a deep sleep, thinking it was morning. I heard some whimpering downstairs so I put on some clothes and took the little one – and George – outside for a pee. After that I hung out with them for 20 minutes, put the pup back in her crate and went back to bed. This time Ruby was quiet, and it was close to 7 this morning before we awoke.


Ruby’s first leash walk

Ruby had her first ever leash walk this morning. George and Tuffy P took the lead with Ruby and I behind. Ruby seemed happy to follow George, but of course she didn’t understand the leash at all. We walked all the way to the bridge by the yacht club and back. Out by the filtration plant though, Ruby declared she was tired and had enough of this walking business.


No more of this walking nonsense

We gave her a little rest and a wee dog cookie, and re-energized, she followed Georgie home. She can’t handle stairs yet, but fortunately we have a ramp up to the back deck which we had built for Memphis when she had her knee surgery, and Ruby can bomb up and down the ramp no problem.

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