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Plans for this evening…

  1. Snow-walk with the dogs
  2. Fire up the woodstove
  3. Enjoy some seriously good scotch (thanks Les) and try not to whine more than necessary about the man-cold that walloped me full force
  4. Nap as required.


  1. Miss Polly

    I love a good snow walk in stormy weather at night. When my friend Jennifer and I lived together we would bundle up and walk single file some place for snacks regardless of what we already had at home to nibble on at least once per winter. If it was really slippery we would do the ‘sped up planet of the apes walk’ so as not to fall. I miss those walks so much. [insert sigh] Hope you feel better soon and congratulations to you and Tuffy P on the new puppy. She looks so cute!!

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