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A pup’s life


Ruby at the water dishes

I had Ruby to see Dr. Wong today over at Long Branch Animal Clinic. The excellent vets there look after the health needs of our whole menagerie. Ruby got a shot (and scored some tasty wet food as a distraction), and her general health was checked out. Everything looks good. She’s a healthy girl. I can tell you she has quite a healthy appetite too. She will from from her current 29.4 pounds (at 11 weeks) to over a hundred pounds in her first year. Our vet has recommended a large breed puppy food for now

Ruby knows nothing about anything, except that she has scored a home and some humans who care about her. We’re starting to work on teaching her that the washroom facilities for dogs are outside. It’s going to take a while.

We’re trying to give George plenty of attention. He’s been the start of the show lately, but obviously puppies are scene stealers. The good thing about having the puppy together with George is that she is following his lead – and on leash walks is literally following his footsteps. Hopefully he will help show her what being a good dog around this joint is all about.

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