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Free books on Twenty Seventh Street


The Twenty Seventh Street Book Box is full of free books

At this time of year, we’re bombarded with heavy-duty retail marketing. Sale, sale, sale. Buy now. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday Sales, Boxing Day sales and on and on and on. Stop shopping for a few minutes and grab a free book at the Twenty Seventh Street Book Box. Pour yourself a cup of tea, find a comfie chair and do a little reading. It’s good for the soul.

Right now the book box is totally full and there are some very interesting titles. They aren’t all brand new. They might not have a “Heather’s Picks” decal on the front. Just good books. Right now there are books for adults as well as kids, and even a set of Betty Boop DVDs for the animation history buffs out there. For music freaks, there is even a scholarly work on the history of the polka.

There are no strings, just free books. If you want to add books, that’s great too. How you use it is entirely up to you. The book box works best when regular visitors share great titles back and forth. The Twenty Seventh Street Book box has been in place for a few years now. It isn’t one of the fancy “Little Free Libraries” you see here and there, with the glass window and peaked roof. We made it out of an old metal ammunition box, a little step ladder and a roasting pan for a hat. Sometimes the latch is a bit sticky. Just wiggle it and it will open. As I say it isn’t fancy, but people seem to like it and it continues to be viable in our community.

I’m very pleased to say that the book box has not been vandalized nor tagged (at least not yet), and it’s never gone empty. There is a constant turnover of books. I check it every two or three days and I do take responsibility for a little bit of management. I remove the real estate flyers and various evangelical pamphlets. This is about sharing books. There is a bulletin board on the door but it doesn’t get much use. I take out any books that are in really bad shape, and if we have a surplus I try to change them up from time to time.

The Twenty Seventh Street Book Box is located in front of our home at 15 Twenty Seventh Street. Drop by and check it out anytime and if you like any books you see, feel free to take them home and enjoy them.

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