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The Paris Bear


The Paris Bear

The Paris Bear is our latest large-scale mosaic project. This grizzly bear mosaic, which we recently installed at a beautiful home in Paris Ontario, is about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It’s made with a combination of materials including broken crockery and smalti (glass) tiles on a backing of pressure treated ply. It floats just a little bit off the wall using a French cleat.

You can see more pictures of this grizzly at our Long Branch Mosaics page. It is installed in a garden area, overlooking a pool. In spring, the garden will grow up around the feet of the bear. Like most of our mosaics, this is a custom project, and we’ve designed this one specifically for it’s current location.

The same property is also home to our Magnolia Bench.

We started doing mosaic work perhaps a decade ago. Sheila (AKA Tuffy P) started it as a project to do with some visiting youngsters. At some point we began making large mosaic birds, and later butterflies for our own garden. Along the way, a number of people who have seen this work at our home have asked us to make mosaics for them, so we started taking commissions. Each project is unique. You can see many of them at the mosaics site.

The Magnolia Bench project required a comfortable surface to sit on so we used high quality smalti glass tiles. This mosaic was prepared in sections and installed on-site using a special mortar and grout. For our birds, butterflies and bears (the Paris Bear is our second grizzly), we take a much more direct and highly improvisational approach, which does not require grouting. Sheila and I work on the mosaics together, so we came up with the name Long Branch Mosaics (the location of our home workshop).

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