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Back in Black

The red-winged blackbirds are back. Over the past few days they’ve been making an appearance in the back yard, bullying the smaller birds from the feeder. DSC07663.jpg

Inside, the cats watch them intently. We call it bird TV. They watch out the windows for hours. There is no love lost between the red-winged black birds and the cats, especially the red-cats, Jack Shadbolt and Jacques.


The reds have been “outdoor cats” since kitten-hood, unlike the tabbies and the ladybug, who stay in, and the old man, who goes out to the catnip patch in the summer, gets stoned, and staggers back in for a nap. The red-winged blackbirds loudly announce the location of the cats and when I can hear them screaming, I know one of the reds is underfoot.

Sometimes the reds come along on the dog walks and there have been some days when I’ve seen one or two red-cats, one or two humans, a couple Newfs, and a flock of red-winged blackbirds all on the walk together, the birds taking turns dive-bombing the cats (who ignore them as if they didn’t exist).

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