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Eagle in Long Branch?

This afternoon, I was out walking the dogs and on the way back saw a huge bird of prey swoop behind our house and land up on our roof. It stayed there for a moment then flew to a nearby tree a couple houses to the south. It was an enormous bird, way bigger than for instance the red-tailed and Cooper’s hawks which are fairly common around here. I ran into the house to grab my camera, but by the time I got back outside it had flown from the tree back toward our backyard. I went out back and saw it swoop again along Twenty Fifth Street.

Comparing what I saw to pictures on the internet and in my bird books, and keeping in mind the size of the thing, my guess is it is a juvenile bald eagle (head had not turned white).

3 or 4 of our neighbours saw it as well. Has anyone else seen this beast around the neighbourhood? This has been a banner year for bunnies around here and I don’t doubt the available food  may be what has attracted it.

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