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I could listen to this all day….

Are there any tunes or songs you don’t want to end? Tunes that settle down into just the right groove, tunes you want to listen to all day? For me this doesn’t happen in pop music so much as in old time music and in some jazz as well.

Here’s Yigal Zan playing fiddle and David Margolin playing clawhammer playing a tune that has come to be known as Henry Reed’s Breakdown in A.

Mr. Margolin’s banjo playing here seems so wonderfully relaxed. Look at his banjo, cradled on his lap, leaning back against his body, neck angled up.  This is much different than the way I hold the banjo, with the pot firmly on my right thigh and the neck much more horizontal. I suppose there are as many ways to play this instrument as there are people to play it.

Henry Reed was born in 1884 and passed in 1968. He lived in West Virginia and never had a career as a musician. We know about him and his music because a fellow named Alan Jabbour heard about this fiddler/banjo player and searched him out. He collected Reed’s tunes, recorded him, and with his group the Hollow Rock String Band, spread Reed’s music. Through is association with Mr. Jabbour (who recently passed by the way), Henry Reed’s music became very influential in the old time music community.

Is there music you could listen to all day, a tune you don’t want to ever end?

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