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Soup of the Week at the Comfort Food Diner


butternut squash soup

Over the years I’ve made butternut squash soup a few times and I think I do it differently each time. Last night time I roasted the squash first along with some celery, a jalapeno and a couple carrots.

Meanwhile, I caramelized some onions in my soup pot slowly with a little vegetable oil, along with a crazy amount of fresh sage – which I removed once the onions were nice and golden – and some salt and pepper. In the past I’ve used ginger and I’ve used curries, but not this time around. I added some stock, then the roasted squash and veggies. I kept the squash in big chunks. The roasted squash was delightfully sweet and I figured it needed some acidity so I added a splash of some kind of swanky vinegar I found in the pantry.

I just let the whole business simmer away for a while while I whipped up some skillet cornbread. The cornbread was pretty standard except I would have preferred greasing my cast iron skillet with bacon fat, but I was bacon-less at the time so I used butter.  Also I had a little bit of frozen corn in bag in the freezer so I stirred it into my batter.

Just about anytime I see squash soup, it’s pureed within an inch of its life, super smooth, maybe with a bit of cream added at the end. I wanted a more exciting texture than that, so I left it chunky. I guess that’s what some people call country style (while holding their nose). I like the texture of the squash and roasted veggies, though, and I get to choose.

I was worried the single roasted jalapeno wouldn’t be enough heat, so I sprinkled in a wee bit of dried scotch bonnet (we dry our own) to jazz it up and play off the sweet squash and the splash of vinegar.


  1. Oh that does look lovely! And what a beautiful bowl and plate, which I am sure made it taste all the finer.

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