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Choir Choir Choir

When our friend Toni visits, Tuffy P comes up with “envelopes”, each representing a top secret activity. Yesterday evening, we drove down to the Queen and Ossington area where we met up with their friends from way back in high school, Ann and Mary Lou.

Our destination turned out to be a Choir Choir Choir event at The Great Hall. This is an event in which the audience/participants are divided up by low, medium and high voices, and everyone is taught a song. Last night the goal was to learn a Big Star song called Thirteen. Jody Stephens, the last living member of Big Star was on-hand to sing the lead.

There were a couple hundred people all standing in The Great Hall. They had a bar so everyone could enjoy a drink before things got underway. I appreciated a bit of booze since here I was at a singing event, knowing full well I don’t sing very well. I’m much more comfortable playing the banjo.

Here is the Big Star recording of Thirteen…

They had two guys teaching the song – one of them with a guitar. I was impressed at how quickly they managed to teach the three part arrangement and lo and behold the group sounded really good (not just the Irish whiskey talking). As I mentioned I’m not much of a singer, but I did my best and participated without achieving scowls from folks around me.

Once we knew the song, they brought Jody Stephens out and they filmed a few takes of the song with him singing lead and everyone else singing their designated parts. The idea is they edit up a final version and put it on YouTube. Here’s one of their videos to give you an idea what goes on at one of these events….

This morning Toni and Tuffy P took off on another adventure. I’ll be making a nice soup for dinner and then Toni will be on her way back to Glasgow tonight.








  1. Yes it was a fun evening, and these guys are really good at teaching parts quickly. Singing with a group of people is an amazing experience. The only odd thing is the entire event from when you show up until you leave is standing and it’s quite a bit of standing.

    • Miss Polly

      Good to know! Despite wanting to look taller for YouTube I will wear running shoes!! I have already generated interest from my cousins. Lol

      • I think you would enjoy it. They have regular sessions at Clinton’s. I think some people go all the time and have “member” status. There were even people there with Choir Choir Choir bags and stuff like that. I think the biggest of their events may have been the one with Rufus Wainwright at the Hearne Generating Station singing Hallelujah.

  2. Miss Polly

    Sounds so fun!!! (Had to stop myself at three exclamation marks because I could have seriously added more). I hope I can find someone to stay up late on a week night, or any night really lol. Tuffy P finds great things to do!!!

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