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Hockey Night in Canada – the Punjabi edition

I’m a bandwagon jumper. I admit it. I don’t watch hockey or any sport during the season, but at playoff time I do watch a little bit of hockey – and baseball too if the Jays have done well. I’ve been watching the playoff series between the Leafs and the Washington team, surprised at how much heart the young Leafs have been showing.

I tuned into CBC at 7:00 last night, only to find there was no hockey. What the Hell? We don’t have cable anymore so we don’t get whatever the sports channel is. I flipped through the channels and saw that the game was in fact playing on another station, but with commentary in Punjabi. Perfect.

As it turned out, although I don’t understand a thing in Punjabi, I enjoyed the broadcast. The commentators get suitably excited and there are enough idiomatic hockey words tossed in, and of course the names of the players don’t change. I suppose this is a comment on how little English play by play actually adds to the game. I didn’t miss it, even a little bit.

Too bad about the Leafs, though. I guess that’s it for me for hockey this season.

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