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Banjo Practice – Lady on the Green into Devilish Mary

This is me trying to play two ‘A’ tunes strung together: Lady (or is it Ladies) on the Green and Devilish Mary. I learned them both recently at Midwest Banjo Camp from Cathy Barton Para. One of the things that happens after banjo camp is I have all kinds of new tunes and new approaches to work on and I want to get as much of it crammed into my wee brain as I can before I forget it, so I end up playing a lot of banjo.

The other evening I was sitting out on the bench in front of our house, frailing away. I was working on Ladies on the Green but somehow or another I got mixed up and found myself playing Devilish Mary. They sounded like they belonged together so I started playing them that way, since there are no rules.

I’m playing my Dogwood banjo tuned up to A.

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