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Charley Kinney goes Fishing


The other day I posted a pic of a painting of a yellow cat by Charley Kinney. Here’s another of his works, this one a fishing scene. You can see there are two people fishing. One is about to hook a lunker of a creature, and the other a little wee fish. Kinney used the same technique as in the cat painting, leaving a dark painted frame around the image.

This painting hangs on a bookshelf behind where we make our mosaics. I snapped a photo at an angle because the painting has glass over it and it was difficult to get rid of the glare. Still, you get a good idea of what Mr. Kinney was up to. This painting makes me laugh every time I look at it. Just like the yellow cat, the giant fish has a goofy tongue.

Who would have guessed that after studying art and artists from around the globe, this subsistence farmer’s paintings would one day rank among my favourites.


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