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Feels Like Spring

Everytime I walk down our stairs, I see this metal artwork by David Butler which hangs in our home, and it makes me think of days like today. The sky is clear, the sun is bright and the temperature has continued to warm. Sure, it’s… Read More

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Mr. Eddy

Eddy Mumma was born in Milton Ohio in 1908 and passed in Gainesville Florida in 1986. He took a painting class at age 60 at the suggestion of his daughter, but abandoned the class, unimpressed by the instructor’s criticism. Mumma, or Mr. Eddy, as he… Read More

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Charley Kinney’s cat

I love Charley Kinney’s paintings. They’re expressive and bold, and some of them, like this cat, strike me as very funny. Kinney often set the image within some kind of painted framing device. All the ones I”ve seen are on paper, but I read that… Read More

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