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Pierogi Day

I don’t make pierogi very often, because I’m slow and clumsy at making them, but I love eating them, and today I made up a batch for dinner on Christmas Day.

IMG_7365.jpgThe handy thing about pierogi is they freeze tremendously well. I place them on a plate as I construct them and when I have a dozen I put plate and all in the freezer. Once they are partially frozen I transfer them into bags, each containing a dozen. This trick avoids having all the pierogi stick together, forming a giant pierogi blob.


The filling for these is potato and cheddar cheese. Sometimes I make them with potato and that really firm Polish cottage cheese. I don’t make the ones with kapusta (although they’re yummy) nor the dessert pierogi.

This is one of my two big Christmas jobs out of the way. My other job is to make a big pan of cabbage rolls, the way Mom used to make them (and a smaller pan of veggie cabbage rolls for those who prefer to avoid meat). This is another work intensive operation. I confess I can never make them look as good as Mom’s because I’m not great at rolling them, but I know the secret to getting the flavour just right.


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