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The Monster

The last couple posts on this blog have been about sourdough bread, so I thought I’d continue and show you the monster. IMG_8801.jpg

I keep it in a Tupperware-type container. I’ve cut a couple holes in the lid because air circulation seems to be needed. I’ve been feeding it daily by taking away about a cup and a half of the starter and adding the same amount of flour and water. I understand some people keep their monster in the fridge and only feed it once per week. I haven’t done that, although it seems like a reasonable option.

When I consulted various websites about making sourdough they all told me how important it was that I weigh the flour and use some exact proportions which they specify. I didn’t do that. In fact I only more or less measure. I take out a portion and add a portion and it seems to be doing fine as my test loaf shows. The websites also warned me against using chlorinated tap water, which they they said would inhibit the starter and could cause failure. Since I wanted to do this as simply as possible I decided to ignore that warning and see what happened, thinking if my monster failed, I would start using water which I’d have sitting out to dissipate the chlorine. However, I really didn’t have any problems developing an active starter that made good bread. I suspect there are some experts who will tell me I can bake even better bread if only I did this or that differently, and they may be right. I’m not against learning to improve what I’m doing. For now though, I think I have a good monster going.


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