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I baked another sourdough loaf this evening after leaving the dough to rise for 12 hours + another half hour loosely wrapped in a tea towel well coated with corn meal and flour. Once again I used my sourdough monster rather than a commercial yeast and as usual I baked the loaf in my trusty Dutch oven at 500F – 30 minutes with the lid on followed by 15 minutes with the lid off. You want to get some good colour on the crust including some chestnut brown areas.

This is seriously good bread. I would like to say it is because I have some kind of special baking skills but the fact is that anybody can do this. It takes patience to develop a good starter and more patience to simply leave your sticky dough well enough alone for a long enough period of time. You need to have either a Dutch oven or a big pyrex pot or a cast iron pot so you can create an oven within your oven where you can trap the steam from the loaf you’re baking. This is vital. You also need to have faith in baking at such a high temperature.

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