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Loaf #8 – first sourdough rye

The other day I bought some rye flour and decided I would try making a sourdough rye. The intelligent thing to do would have been to lever the knowledge of someone with a little expertise and follow a formula. Did I do that? Nope. For no particular reason I decided to use 1/3 rye flour and 2/3 unbleached bread flour. I’m gaining a fair idea of how wheat flour works in the this process so I thought adding some rye flour for flavour without overwhelming the mix with it would be the way to go. In the future I’ll mess around with some different ratios to see what happens.

This dough -1had plenty of fermentation going on (first fermentation this time about 9 hours and proofing about an hour and a half), but the dough lacked structural stability. While it multiplied nicely during the first fermentation, it didn’t hold height when I shaped it. Had I researched a little before diving headlong into bread baking, I might have tried gently folding the dough a few times during the fermentation to build up the structural strength I was looking for. Next time I’ll try that. While the bread didn’t achieve the vertical height I had hoped for, it was otherwise excellent. I coated the towel I wrapped the dough in for the proofing with bran this time rather than corn meal. It’s decidedly different and quite nice on this loaf. The crust is not too thick but nice and crunchy and the crumb is softer than my previous breads. As usual I baked this loaf at 500F in my Dutch oven, 30 minutes covered and 15 minutes uncovered. The crust came out a nice deep brown colour.

Most importantly, this is a super-delicious bread.


  1. Salvelinas Fontinalis

    Did you use dark rye flour or light rye flour? If you used dark rye you should probably hold the ratio to 20% rye flour 80% white wheat flour to avoid volume loss. I used to make rye bread and always used light rye flour, never had a problem.

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