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Sandy River Belle

I’ve been participating in the “tune of the month” at a Facebook group called Clawhammer Rules. This month’s tune is called Sandy River Belle. It’s a tune I used to play quite a bit in a specialized tuning known as, what else, Sandy River Belle tuning. Along the way I stopped playing the tune. I think this was because I only changed to that tuning for this one tune. Over the past few days, I re-learned the tune in standard G tuning and it turns out I really enjoy playing it.


  1. David MacLeod

    Well done, neighbour! In the summer, I can sometimes hear you when your clawhammerin’ drifts over to our place. Nice! (I never could master the clawhammer thing. Some mental block maybe? Lol) Anyway, love hearing your stuff. Thanks! DMac

    • Thanks David. The clawhammer stroke can seem awkward at first but once you get the feel for it, it’s not too difficult to pick up tunes.

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