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Beechwood Nature Walk

I recently signed up for a series of nature walks through the local school board. There will be 9 walks in this session, one each week, and each walk at a different location in the Toronto area. Today was the first walk and it took place in the Beechwood/Crother’s Woods section of the Don Valley.

Our leader is Miles Hearn, a very knowledgeable fellow indeed, with a keen ear for bird songs. Many times he would hear a bird first, and announce what it was before we caught a glimpse of it. Miles maintains an excellent website where he publishes a report on all the nature walks he leads. He already has one up for today’s walk.


bald-face hornet nest

I didn’t now what to expect on a nature walk this early in the spring, with very little greening up yet. I was surprised and fascinated at how many interesting things you can find on an early spring walk.


Mallard in the Don River

This area of the Don Valley was once home to a paper mill, but these days the land has been reclaimed for nature and bicycle trails. There is also a fenced facility near where we parked for police dog training.


early season garlic mustard

Fifteen fairly common species of birds were identified, nothing unexpected or exotic.


male cardinal

Here’s an assortment of other photos I snapped today with my handy little Sony point and shoot camera. Hover your mouse over individual photos or click on them for caption.

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