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St. Phillips

In late September/early October of 2001, Sheila and I honeymooned in Newfoundland. Thanks to a friend out there we had a great place to stay in Pouch Cove. We did lots of hiking and some landscape drawing while we were there, but most importantly, the trip inspired a lengthy series of paintings when we returned and moved into a little house on Blackthorn Ave in Toronto. I had a new studio, a 12X12 wood shed behind our little house. I called it my Secret Lab. Through the fall and into winter of 2001, through the first months of 2002, I experienced one of my most prolific periods of paintings. I worked on many pictures at the same time. They were spread out on the floor, walls and on any surface which could hold a painting. These were oil paintings, which I built up over time, session after session until the final image emerged. Here is one of the paintings from that period which I still have. It’s called St. Phillips after a community in Newfoundland, near which we enjoyed a marvelous long hike through a forest which ended at a cliff overlooking the sea. I believe I exhibited this painting at Loop Gallery in an exhibition called Field & Stream. This painting is smallish, maybe 18 inches tall.


Anyone interested in this or any other painting in my inventory, anyone interested in commissioning an artwork, or anyone who just wants to talk painting, can contact me directly.

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