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Special Sauce

I posted a photo of this painting back in December, but I just added it to my “Paintings” page, with an improved photo, so I thought I’d feature it again here.

This painting goes back to the early 90s. It’s acrylic on canvas and I think it’s about 54 inches square. I made this painting after a couple weeks fly fishing for trout in Idaho, Wyoming and Yellowstone with my friend East Texas Red. There was a time we traveled to the mountain west pretty much each September in pursuit of trout, and usually I came back refreshed and ready to get back to work in the studio.


After this particular trip I made two good-sized paintings with the intention of working on a new series. I was going to call it West. Something or another – I don’t recall just what – interrupted my continuity after two paintings and that was the end of the series. I didn’t exhibit either painting at the time, but I think it was only because my direction had shifted. Both paintings survived the various purges and iffy storage situations my work has been subjected to over the years, though, and this one hangs in our home. I’m sure any readers who have lived in the mountain west will know what the title refers to.



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