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Nature Walk at Lambton Woods

Today’s nature walk with Miles Hearn was at Lambton Woods, which is along the Humber River running south from James Gardens. The only camera I had with me today was my phone, so I was a bit more limited than usual on the photography front, but I do have a few interesting things to share.

Although Miles did identify 21 species of birds today, I don’t have any bird photos. I did snap a picture of one dragonfly, a twelve-spotted skimmer.

12spotted skimmer.jpg

There is a weeping willow in Lambton Woods, not far from the parking area, with a lot of crown gall. It’s very striking.

crown gall.jpg

I spotted a ganoderma – a medicinal mushroom – tucked in a hollowed log. This one is sometimes called a varnish shelf mushroom because of its shiny surface.


One of the prettiest wildflowers around right now is the spotted jewelweed.

spotted jewelweed.jpg

Another is soapwort, also known as wild sweet william. It’s in the carnation family.

soapwort or wild sweet william.jpg


This bittersweet nightshade was also very striking.

bittersweet nightshade.jpg

Purple flowering raspberries have flowers which persist even as it fruits.purple flowering raspberries.jpg

Next week we have the last of our July walks, at Scarborough Bluffs.

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