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Two Trees

When I started going on nature walks I thought it was an activity suited to only certain times of the year. I’ve come to learn, though, that each season has something to teach us about the natural world around us. This time of year, as… Read More

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Wood Duck

In High Park, the wood ducks are used to people and many times you can see them close up. When I was there mid-week with Miles Hearn’s nature walk group, there was also a group of noisy kids around this little pond, though (they were… Read More

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Slime Moulds

Those tan colour blobs are slime mould. These fascinating single-celled organisms used to be classed as fungi but now are no longer considered to be part of the fungal kingdom. George Barron characterized them as “a slimy mass of protoplasm called a plasmodium. Most of… Read More