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Pickles, end of day 2


I’ve got my pickles fermenting in two containers. One is our bean crock, which lives in the basement because we simply can’t eat a whole crock of beans. The other container is a cookie jar. It reminds me of the cookie jar which sat for many years on the counter in the house where I grew up, the cookie jar from which I snatched many a cookie in my day. In fact it may even be the same cookie jar. This container lives in the basement too and I dug them both up looking for something to ferment pickles in.

You can see there is an improvised weight in the cookie jar, keeping the pickles submerged in the brine. I’m using the actual lid for the cookie jar in the bean crock to keep those pickles down. As the cukes ferment, I’m expecting a white mold to appear on the surface, and I understand the pickles should be kept below that surface film. From my reading, some people skim this scum off the surface and others just leave it be until the pickles are pickled.

Around about day 5 or 6, the pickles should have reached the half sour stage and I’ll likely sample one at this point to confirm. I’m not going to stop at half sour though. Live the dream, that’s what I say, full sour or bust.


  1. Hi Miss Polly. The pickles are happily doing the fermentation dance. This is day 5. This morning I checked and there is some tell-tale bubbly white stuff on top for me to skim off today. I think on Sunday I’ll sample one to see how far along they are. I’m going to reserve a jar for you. These pickles will keep for months, but they need refrigeration, since they’re fermented/brined but unlike vinegar pickles, not fully canned. At the same time I’ve been dehydrating tomatoes, which my new healthy self munches on for snacks.

  2. Miss Polly

    So jealous. Frances and I talk about wanting to do this from time to time… it comes up at tomato day every year at minimum. Love the ingenuity of the pickling jars and moreover love the full sour humour of the blog post!!

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