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Whistling Gardens

Tuffy P writing this post – I spent the day at Whistling Gardens yesterday with Jennifer and Garth, and had the best time.  Summertime in the garden doesn’t get much better than spending a day with friends at Whistling Gardens. This garden is spectacular! It now boasts North America’s largest peony collection, with over 1,000 varieties.  It was the conifer garden that stole my heart. Go and visit- see over 2,300 species of conifers. As their site notes – ‘many specimens are the only ones in the world’.  I left with a new Korean pine tree for our front garden, purchased from their garden centre – a Pinus Koraiensis  (Korean Pine) that we will plant this weekend.  Enjoy the photos and venture over to their site.   Plan a full day visit there in the spring to see the peonies!





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