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Walk in the woods

This morning The Partners gave me the look which can only mean, hey buddy get off your butt and take us for an adventure in the car. So I asked them, you guys want to go somewhere in the car? This of course was met with some excitement.

I’m nervous about taking our dogs to the woods anytime hunters might be about, especially since one of The Partners looks suspiciously like a bear, but there is no Sunday hunting allowed at the forest I had in mind, so off we went.



We came across many examples of a strange mushroom today, known as Entoloma abortivum. These mushrooms were thought to be the result of honey mushrooms (Armillaria) attacking entoloma mushrooms, but these days mycologists apparently think it’s the other way around, Entoloma attacking Armillaria. In either case, most of these strange mushrooms can be found at the base of trees, usually in the presence of honey mushrooms (although there were few honey mushrooms around today).

Some people consider these to be a choice edible. I’ve cooked them up once and did not find them appealing, so these days I don’t pick them.


We went for a long walk and the dogs had a ball, sniffing all that was there to sniff, poking around here and there and enjoying the day. I had a pretty good time too.


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